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A while ago I applied for the SANE Creative Awards Scheme. The SANE organisation is a leading UK charity providing emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental illness. They have a long association with the arts and The SANE Creative Awards Scheme builds on this long tradition and presents an opportunity for those affected by...

It is Print Day in May Today! Print Day in May is an annual, global celebration of printmaking taking place on the first Saturday in May and is open to all. On that day, tens of thousands of printmakers around the world make prints and share their experiences with others.

I am so glad my work was chosen to be part of the physical and virtual exhibition The Spectre of Print: a Celebration of Ghosts in Ontario, Canada. If you didn't get the chance to have a look at the exhibition I saved some screenprints of the virtual exhibition to share with you. I would also recommend having...

Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by my paintings and took the time to share your thoughts and stories with me during Gallerihelgen in Malmö! I am completely overwhelmed by the warmth, encouragement and love from you all!