Therese Livonne (b. 1980) is a visual artist born and based in the south of Sweden. She has a background in textiles and fashion but decided after several years to leave and is currently pursuing a BA (Hons) Painting degree at the University for the Creative Arts.

Therese has a passion for portraiture and especially dark emotional portraits. In her highly autobiographical work, she explores the human condition and confronts personal and emotional experiences of mental illness, trauma, and memories. These themes are explored through a range of mediums, often combining painting, printmaking, and fibre in different ways. Keeping an experimental and investigative approach is an essential part of her practice.

Therese´s work has been shown in different galleries and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Most recently three of her monotypes were chosen for the juried exhibition at InPrint Collective in Canada and selected for publication in The Hand Magazine, an international journal with a focus on contemporary and experimental printmaking and photographic art.