A new direction in my artistic journey!


It's been a while since my last post. One could say that I have been going through some transformation… and for allowing that transformation to happen I have had to close the door to the outside world to be able to reach in and investigate this new world.

This last year, my practice has developed from expressive portraiture and figurative painting to something more abstract and undefined. I have shifted my focus towards the physicality and materiality of my artwork and am now paying more attention to what is going on in front of me, enjoying the creative process instead of focusing on how the final work will look. 

I am focusing on material awareness, the tactility of my material and formal qualities in my compositions. The creative process, the act of making, feeling the material, experiencing the possibilities and challenging the boundaries of my material. Allowing the materials to find their own form and creative possibilities. It is a process of balancing experience along with discovery and chance. How far can I take it? Can I do this? What if I do this?

I am excited to embark on the journey in this new direction my work has taken! The image in this blog post is from my latest project, making paper sculptures from my handprinted monotypes. After much experimentation, some of these paper sculptures were too delicate to survive on their own. I then continued the work by photographing the pieces, capturing the intriguing interplay between light, shadow, space, organic shapes and rhythmic lines. 

Some of these photographs can be bought as limited edition archival art prints. Contact me if you are interested!