Cancelled Exhibition - Luleå Kulturhus 2022


On August 2nd I had to take down my solo exhibition Våga möta. Våga se. at Kulturhuset in Luleå, Sweden, after only 1 day because two of my paintings were stolen during the morning. 

It makes me very sad on several levels. I have worked very hard to be able to make this exhibition a reality, there is a lot of work behind each and every painting and even more behind the work of arranging an exhibition. 

I'm sad that someone thought it was a good choice to take something valuable from someone else. I'm sad that I don't get the opportunity to show my art in real in Luleå - without risking more paintings being stolen. I live very far from this part of Sweden so it is not something I can do just next month or so. 

I am sad that the opportunity for interesting and rewarding meetings, for this time, is gone. But despite the fact that the exhibition only hung for 1 day, I still managed to reach out and affect visitors, judging by the warm comments and greetings the guestbook managed to get in just 1 day. Warm thanks to you and the fantastic staff at Luleå Stadsbibliotek for all the help and support. 

The two artworks to the left are the two stolen pieces. The first (to the left) is a monotype on paper called Flickan och Sorgen (The girl and the sorrow) in size 19,4 x 28 cm. The second piece (to the right) is mixed media on paper in size 13,5 x 20,5 cm.

The incident has of course been reported to the police but if you have ANY information about the paintings PLEASE contact me, Luleå Stadsbibliotek, Lindbergs Konst & Ram/ Galleri Lindberg or the police. 

You can contact me through this website or DM on Instagram or Facebook.