Fallen Women series


The Fallen Women series was created as a response to a photo exhibition at Landskrona Citadel.

The exhibition showed photos of female prisoners that were incarcerated during the late 19th century and some decades later. The Citadel received a number of women convicted of crimes but most women that were there were not convicted of anything, just being poor, unemployed (drifters) and/or promiscuous. 

I was very affected by the photos in the exhibition. I was taken by the women and the strong and direct gaze I was confronted with. I felt so much empathy and sorrow. I was reflecting on their destiny, their life and what they all had gone through. I can only imagine, and even then, I don't think I can fully understand, the reality of their life. Their experiences. 

I felt a connection with the women, I don't know why. But I strongly felt a need to paint them and bring their histories into the light again. Just as with every portrait I make, I want the viewer to meet the gaze and confront uncomfortable issues or subjects we usually avoid.