Konsthallens Vänners konst-och kulturstipendium

Foto: Annalena Asenov, Spegeln Staffanstorp
Foto: Annalena Asenov, Spegeln Staffanstorp

I am so excited and honoured to be the very first recipient to receive Konsthallens Vänners konst-och kulturstipendium (Konsthallens Vänners Art-and Culture scholarship)! 

The purpose of the scholarship is to award active and talented artists in the visual arts, sculpture, arts and crafts, music, literature and more. The scholarship is intended for further education and development within the recipient's art field.

The jury's motivation:

"Therese Livonne, Hjärup, is awarded the 2022 Art and Culture scholarship for both thoughtful and expressive artistry. Therese works with painting, drawing, graphics and embroidery in a way that is both thoughtful and at the same time experimental. Konsthallens Vänner sees Therese as an artist with significant potential for development".

I am so grateful for the whole experience, the scholarship and that the jury sees potential in me and my work. I would also like to say thank you for all the positive encouragement I received on the night of the reception in Staffanstorps Konsthall. That really means alot to me. Thank you!