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I am so glad my work was chosen to be part of the physical and virtual exhibition The Spectre of Print: a Celebration of Ghosts in Ontario, Canada. If you didn't get the chance to have a look at the exhibition I saved some screenprints of the virtual exhibition to share with you. I would also recommend having...

Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by my paintings and took the time to share your thoughts and stories with me during Gallerihelgen in Malmö! I am completely overwhelmed by the warmth, encouragement and love from you all!

Back in my studio again, after a long and very much needed break during the summer. I have realised it is extremely difficult to keep working in the studio during the summer when my kids are home from school. I have tried every year up until now and it just does not work.

I have started experimenting on smaller panels of copper, aluminium and polystyrene. I really like the physicality of the preparatory work cutting the panels myself and preparing them for paint. To be able to control the whole process of my artwork, from start to finish - not just the painting - is very appealing to me. I get to decide...